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Friday, June 16, 2006

"$2.32 Million of Black Nintendo DS Lite Gone Missing", but not in HK

Ok, the guys over joystiq posted yesterday about a "cargo of DS's lite" that went missing last week....

"Those Black DS Lites are pretty hot. Well, now they are, anyway, as $2.32 million U.S. dollars worth of portable gaming goodness was apparently stolen from a cargo container in Hong Kong. Expected to hit the black market (the puns are just naturally built into this story), officials are offering over $125,000 U.S. dollars for some information. So, if a watertight cargo container full of Nintendo products washes up on your private beach, or something, please let someone know. There are some European gamers waiting to get their Mario on."

.......but let me clear this up, THERE IS NO MISSING CARGO OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT, NO, NADA, NOTHING!!!! I checked yesterday in my local police station and the internet (Since I live in China/Hong Kong) and there is no such thing!!!!! it is only a RUMOR. peiod.


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