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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Prey DEMO review

As Michael from the GamingBox blog points out, I didn’t even know that the Prey demo was released yesterday (there should be a system that notifies you or something like that) But once the download started (pretty fast since the spring update though, 1.3 GB in 1 hour) I was wondering if all the hype was REAL. That this game was Doom itself with NEXT GEN graphics and else. BUT sadly, it is not. And here is why.........

Graphics are OK, once the game started you can really see some chunky blocks here and there but it is not as impressive as in the E3 demo. The character seems to react well with the environments even though some of the enemies animations are odd. Lighting is great and you have a little lighter in case you are playing in dark areas.

There is no such thing in this game.......... there is some background music, but is nothing to be impressed with (It is not Halo remember?) The sound of the weapons, grenades and enemies are nicely adapted but once you play A LOT you will find yourself hearing the enemies say the same thing again and again. Oh yea, and the character sounds like a retard. "OMG, it is a giant", "this is fcked up.. no...... THIS IS FCKED UP!!!" <----- WTF he just said??! Gameplay-9.3/10
This is where this game rocks, I have never played a game like this before. You can walk on walls, get out of your body and kill everyone as a spirit, and etc. It is pretty funny when you have such freedom in a FPS . But NO melee attacks in this game, which is pretty odd since your character can activate a lot of things (buttons, maps, doors, etc) using his hand....

The story is pretty nice, but the fact that you survived in an alien ship with xxxx monster in it just to save your girlfriend (main mission) is pretty stupid (I think). They should give us options while advancing in a game like this, so you can choose what you WANT to do.

Multiplayer-5.5/10 :-(
Damn, I really hope that this happens just in the demo, BUT THIS GAME LAGS TERRIBLY. I couldn’t even join a single game without lagging, and I really wonder why since multiplayer games such as The outfit or eve Battlefield on live aren’t laggy at all (and the maps are like twice the size of the Prey multiplayer maps). Every single object in this game lags (including your character and the weapons.)

+Gameplay rocks!!
+Graphics are OK, but not as good as in the E3 demo
-Main character's voice
-Multiplayer lags terribly
-Storyline is OK but not great..........


  • You forgot to say that the physics in the game SUCK!!! I can't stand them...

    By Blogger Michael, at 12:52 PM  

  • what do you mean? the physics are OK.....

    and you can go UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! yea!!!

    By Blogger Twenty5 x you, at 12:54 PM  

  • When you kill someone... that's what I mean.

    By Blogger Michael, at 1:48 PM  

  • well, killing someone is OK, but the lack of physics in the bodies is odd (so i think you are right)

    Just compare this game with FEAR........ each arm, leg or even head moves when you shoot at them.......

    By Blogger Twenty5 x you, at 4:49 PM  

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