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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Microsoft: Origami Project

"Microsoft officially flipped the switch on the buzz machine for their Origami Project -- an atypical viral marketing manuveur for a company whose products are usually known about years ahead of time. Scoble says its a device, the Internet's lighting up with rumors -- is it the Xbox portable? Well, we dunno, but as usual got our hands on some pictures. And as usual we can't guarantee they're the real deal, though we are pretty confident in their source. So, let's go over it: these were sent to us detailing it as a Microsoft portable media player, which wouldn't be too far off from what Jobs and BusinessWeek both prophesied Microsoft doing (despite being pretty broadly denied from within)." Engadget

"A flash film has emerged showing the different functionalities of this thing. What we see in this video is supposedly a year old prototype so keep that in mind. " xbox 360 news

Here is the video showing off some of the different "functions" that this new "PDA" device from Microsoft can do. The video is quite long so patience......

P.S notice how the guy plays Halo only with 2 buttons, common, I really doubt that this will be their (Microsoft) final version of the device.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Xbox 360 demo kiosks finally arrived......... this time, Hong Kong!!!

Well, the time for Hong Kong to enjoy ext Gen gaming in a Demo kiosk has finally arrived and people seem to really like it (just look at the photo, see that happy face?); Even though release dates have been pushed back few weeks (originally 02/03 now 16/03).

BTW, when we came into "Toy´s r us" both kiosks were....... "empty", and running a very (VERY) laggy version of PDZ (WTF?!?)

More photos: here, here and here

Note: when I said "empty" I meant of people......... just like in Japan, nobody cares.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Xbox 360 camera to be released in May

I m very glad to inform you guys, that the Xbox 360 official camera and the other "especial and secret" accessory (also known as the quick & charge kit) will arrive this MAY as some of the scans that I managed to take from a official and not yet released 360 games magazine here in Hong Kong (China).

More pictures: Here and here

UPDATE: There have been people saying that this is old because older scans and information are the same. But is not!!!! here is an example of what i´m talking about. In older scans the release time was stated as SPRING 2006.

Friday, February 03, 2006


It's a video of what may (or may not) be the DS Lite sitting next to an original DS. Could be fake, could be real, but the point here is that if this thing is actually as small as it looks, we're so in love. In fact, it's pretty safe to say we're in love anyway.

Info from engaget

PS3 games listed for pre-order, shipping October 1st

Gamestop has 32 Playstation 3 games listed for pre-order, supposedly shipping October 1st. It's a perfectly reasonable for thing for them to do, but it's just nice to actually see something concrete come out for Sony's console which is still wallowing in some sort of "conceptual" phase. Hopefully these developers have more to go on than we do, because we've been doing all of our prep for the PS3 launch with a cardboard mockup and a sandwich.

Info from engaget

UPDATE: I know that there is no concrete date for the release of these games. This story is not even true, is just a rumor. This is just an old new that I forgot to update.